Sojourner Truth Academy 2020-2021 School Year Update - updated Jan 15, 2021, Nov 9, Oct 6, Sept 14, Aug 6, Aug 3, July 23 & July 6, 2020

Resources for Staff

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Employee Assistance Program Hotline 1-833-933-1430

STA's Employee Assistance Program hotline is available anytime, any day to anyone who works at our school and their family members.
This is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL resource for ANY of life's challenges. Anxiety; financial problems; relationship or marital trouble; physical or mental abuse; drug abuse; grief & loss; any aspect of your family's health or behavior....truly ANYTHING, ANYTIME. Just call 1-833-933-1430 for HELP!

The EAP is governed by HIPPA health privacy laws and is completely confidential. See the flyer here for more details.

Covid19 Decision Tree for STA