Sojourner Truth Academy strives to provide rigorous and personal instruction to all scholars. Teachers teach to the Minnesota State Standards using a variety of different resources. Teachers create and implement engaging and challenging lessons for scholars. Lessons are designed to be applicable and relevant to scholar’s lives. Teachers know that scholars learn best when they are required to think and apply concepts for themselves. Therefore, STA teachers require the scholars to do the “heavy lifting” of thinking in the classroom, while fostering a positive and uplifting environment where scholars are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. They also foster a climate of learning through honest feedback, positive reinforcement, recognition of success, and strong classroom management skills.

Minnesota State Standards and local Educational Profiles drive the instructional planning at Sojourner Truth Academy. Classroom teachers ensure that every scholar at STA has the opportunity to achieve mastery. Small class sizes give teachers the flexibility to differentiate instruction based on academic needs.

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Literacy Plan

Sojourner Truth Academy is committed to ALL Students Reading at Grade Level by 3rd Grade

At Sojourner Truth Academy we believe that ALL students can and will achieve at high levels. We are committed to giving 100% of ourselves everyday and doing whatever it takes to ensure that ALL students are reading well by third grade and are on the path to college.

We have developed a school board approved Literacy Plan for our stakeholders that outlines our school’s goals, systems, and accountability measures. The plan is our commitment to parents, students, and the community to show that we will do whatever it takes to make every child at STA a successful reader. It includes eight components for success: goals, assessments, parent involvement, intervention and instructional supports, professional development, curriculum and instructional systems, support for multi-language learners, and communication. This literacy plan will be the guiding force for all literacy decisions at STA. All staff will be knowledgeable in all aspects of the plan and dedicated to following it to ensure that all students are reading well by 3rd grade.

Details regarding the plan and its components can be found at the link below

We would love to hear feedback from our stakeholders on the accessibility of the information on our literacy plan, usefulness of our documents, and resources. Please email feedback to Maureen Kroening at

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2023-2024

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2022-2023

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2021-2022

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2020-2021

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2019-2020

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2018-2019

3rd Grade STA Literacy Plan 2017-2018