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Welcome to Sojourner Truth Academy

Sojourner Truth Academy is a Pre-K-8 public charter elementary school in North Minneapolis with proven academic and fiscal records.

Established by parents and community members in 1999, we continue to offer our students a data driven, balanced curriculum with a highly qualified staff that is supported through our Teacher Leadership Teams; School Improvement System; and Minnesota Reading and Math Corps.

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Sojourner Truth Academy Statistics

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Strategic Priorities

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Scholars Receiving Intervention Support

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High Impact Community Partners With Wrap Around Services

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Scholars To Teacher

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Staff In Leadership Roles

We have defined a profile of scholar success at STA

We have defined a profile of scholar success at STA
STA graduates are scholars

STA graduates are scholars

  • We prioritize learning and are prepared for the academic rigor of high school
  • We have developed habits of success - self-advocacy, goal-setting, and communication - that will allow us to thrive in high school, college, and career
  • We are critical thinkers, capable of drawing new insights, asking good questions, making connections, and are open to new perspectives.
STA graduates show integrity

STA graduates show integrity

  • We are honest and self-aware
  • We understand what makes us unique - how our strengths allow us to contribute something special to the world
  • We embrace new experiences with an open mind
  • We advocate for ourselves as we navigate systems that may not be built with us in mind
STA graduates show growth mindset

STA graduates show growth mindset

  • We are diligent and courageous
  • We are focused on a future filled with opportunity and believe our education is the vehicle to get there
  • We know our strengths, are aware of our growth areas, and find ways to improve
  • We enjoy learning, and we understand that we can grow through hard work, dedication, and repeated practice
  • We recognize that we will confront obstacles and make mistakes; we celebrate when we overcome them
STA graduates are compassionate

STA graduates are compassionate

  • We demonstrate empathy by seeking to understand the perspectives of others
  • We collaborate with our peers to reach our goals
  • We go out of our way to show kindness towards others
As part of an STA

As part of an STA community, STA graduates love and support each other.


means I am polite courteous, and understanding of other people.

Our Values
image for Respect


means I show kindness toward others and go out of my way to help someone.

Our Values
image for Compassion


means when someone can trust me to get get things done, on time and to the best of my ability

Our Values
image for Responsibility


means I put in effort and work hard to achieve my goals.

Our Values
image for Diligence


means I am honest and do what I know is right.

Our Values
image for Integrity


means trying my best and never giving up, no matter how challenging something is.

Our Values
image for Perseverance