About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the school is to prepare children for the future by building confidence and a strong sense of self-worth through small classrooms and an open, safe, family-like environment. STA supports families by embracing change when necessary for the good of the children and serving as a bridge to the community. Staff at STA is dedicated to and held accountable for providing a learning experience that is culturally relevant, challenging and fun.

Vision Statement

Sojourner Truth Academy (STA) is passionate about helping children achieve academic and social success in a community of high expectations where each child is valued.

Who we are

Sojourner Truth Academy is a Pre-K-8 public charter elementary school in North Minneapolis with proven academic and fiscal records. Established by parents and community members in 1999, we continue to offer our students a data driven, balanced curriculum with a highly qualified staff that is supported through our Teacher Leadership Teams and School Improvement System.


Monthly parent events, an on-site, full-time social worker, ESL program, and Special Education program give us the opportunity to build real relationships and supply students and families with the support they need, when they need it.

Pre-K & Free All Day Kindergarten

All-day Pre-K and free all-day Kindergarten helps prepare students more thoroughly for the expectations of the upper grades.


Sojourner Truth Academy strives to provide rigorous and personal instruction to all scholars. Teachers teach to the Minnesota State Standards using a variety of different resources. Teachers create and implement engaging and challenging lessons for scholars. Lessons are designed to be applicable and relevant to scholar’s lives. Teachers know that scholars learn best when they are required to think and apply concepts for themselves. Therefore, STA teachers require the scholars to do the “heavy lifting” of thinking in the classroom, while fostering a positive and uplifting environment where scholars are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. They also foster a climate of learning through honest feedback, positive reinforcement, recognition of success, and strong classroom management skills.

Minnesota State Standards and local Educational Profiles drive the instructional planning at Sojourner Truth Academy. Classroom teachers ensure that every scholar at STA has the opportunity to achieve mastery. Small class sizes give teachers the flexibility to differentiate instruction based on academic needs.

Professional Development

Teacher Leader Teams drive and operate STA’s academic program with fidelity. Teacher Teams analyze instructional gaps; research best practice; develop, implement, and train teachers on school-wide learning profiles. Profile fidelity and academic performance data inform on-going professional development and instructional program decision-making.

Our school improvement plan focuses on academic growth. The staff at STA is dedicated to increasing the number of proficient students. Our School Improvement System provides a structure for our teachers where they receive weekly, job-embedded professional development. Each week, teachers attend a 75-minute student strategy focused cluster meeting. During these meetings teachers learn research-based student strategies and develop lessons to implement the strategies in their classrooms to help improve student achievement. Teachers receive support and feedback through academic coaching teachers.

School Overview

Male 191 (49%)

Female 198 (51%)

Students of Color 384 (99%)

English learner 52 (13.4%)

Free/Reduced-Price meals 90%

Special Ed 58 (14.9%)

Mobility 30%

Number of Teachers 37

Certified Teachers 37

Board Make-up 4 licensed teachers, 2 Parents, 1 Community Member

Attendance 92%

Last Financial Audit Completed April 2023

School Report Card

Fast Bridge and MCA II Assessments

Each year STA students participate in Fast Bridge Assessments (KG-8 grades) and MCA II assessments (3-8 grades). These assessments are aligned to the Minnesota State Standards. Sojourner Truth Academy students continue to make progress each year in the areas of Reading and Math. Staff is dedicated to learning and implementing subject specific strategies in each area to help increase student proficiency.


Contact: Larry McKenzie, Charter School Authorizer Liaison


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