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Pamela Young

Pamela Young

STA Parent & Board Member

Pamela Young began her STA partnership in 2005, enrolling her child Takia, in kindergarten and later enrolling four of her elementary-aged children, Brenda, Willeta, Omirah, and Jayvyn. STA was a natural fit for her family during their transition from St. Paul, MN. Her school search prized STA’s intuitive approach and commitment to building relationships. Her children have flourished at STA building trust with teachers and finding individual successes. Her older two children graduated from STA and have gone on to academic successes, among them, enrollment in high school honors courses and a full-ride college scholarship. As a foster and adoptive parent of special needs children, Pamela believes the definition of success can vary and is attainable for those of all types and from all backgrounds. Pamela’s youngest two children are eager to start at STA’s early learning program.

In tandem with her children’s educational journeys, Pamela was pursuing her own professional and educational path. While working full-time in the healthcare field Pamela earned her Master’s Degree to advance her career and serve as an example to her kids. Pamela Young was encouraged to run for the STA school board to support STA’s growth with her knowledge and skills. Her board member term began in 2018. Pamela enjoys learning about the behind-the-scenes work needed to run a school and has found it to be both a rewarding experience and a way to give back to our STA community.