Sojourner Truth Academy 2020-2021 School Year Update - updated Jan 15, 2021, Nov 9, Oct 6, Sept 14, Aug 6, Aug 3, July 23 & July 6, 2020

Faculty and Staff Old

Name Position Email
Guy, Julie A. Executive Director
Ford, Paris R Associate Director
Toley, Sarah A Director of Teaching & Learning
Kipper, Troy L Director of Finance & Operations
Anderson, Londell D Scholar Success Coach
Byas, Monique Behavior Interventionist
Clark, Kenneth Cafeteria Assistant
Gonzalez, Ana L. Family Outreach Manager
Greer, Lloyd Facilities Manager
Letourneau, Paula D Associate Manager
Little, Diana District Assessment Coordinator
Olson, Ann Multi-Tiered System Of Supports Coordinator
Rieck, Tracy Academic Coach
Trevino, Alma Office Manager
Wilson, Kenneth W Scholar Success Coordinator
Name Email
Babcock, Ben
Battles, Tracey S.
Becklin, Jaclyn
Beckstrom, Julie
Bloom, Stuart
Bridges, Meghan
Burns, Mark
Caldwell, Kenneth
Hayles, Korrey
Holdreith, Robbi
Hughes, Meredith
Imhoff, Chloe
Johnson-Adegbite, Yvonne
Mark, Katlynne
Martin, Krista
Mckenzie, Wanda M
Moravec, Allison
O’Connor, Madeyln
Olson, Kathryn L
Perkins, Morgan
Peterson, Mark
Privratsky, Gina M
Sachs, Micheal
Salas, Jessica
Schneider, Anna
Senchuk, Chloe
Silverstein, Beth
Skiba, Rebecca
Vega, Kelly A.
Wenzel, Jeremy
Wesley, Laverne
Wesley, Laverne
Williams, Ebony
Williams, Michael
Battles-Deleon, Yolanda
Clark, Jahanna D
Flores, Cindi
Taylor, Mary H
Blount, Nicole
Bullock, Neitasha
Cobb, Marcy
Gowdy, Tiera
Greer, Keva
Gulyard, Byron
Johnson, Chris
Jungenson, Silvia-Bella
Love, Quenshae
Nero, Samone
Nolen, Marcus J
Olayiwola, Patricia
Olson, Susan
Ruiz, Jose
Sackor, Kay
Sanner, David
Stevenson-Darrough, Kathy
Toley, William H
Underwood, Missy
Whimper, Caprice
Whimper, Earl
Whitmore, Shamir M
Williams, Broderick
Wright, Bryan